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Fire-Water Storage Tank
Relining & Inspection

Maintaining water storage tanks is a crucial task to ensure the quality and safety of the water supply.

The process involves a series of meticulous steps to clean, protect, and enhance the tank’s interior.

1 step

The initial step is to drain the tank, followed by the pressure washing of the interior. This essential task helps to remove any dirt, debris, or other contaminants that might have accumulated over time. The goal is to ensure a clean and sanitized environment within the tank, promoting the purity of the stored water.

step 2

After the cleaning process, the next step involves the removal of loose or unbonded material from the tank’s walls, risers, and floor. This ensures that the surfaces are well-prepared for the upcoming coatings. A shop vacuum is then used to effectively remove all debris, and allowing 24 hours for the interior to dry is important to ensure a proper foundation for the coatings.

step 3

Coating the stand pipes provides a protective layer that helps prevent corrosion and extends the lifespan of the pipes. The primer coat  serves as a base for the subsequent elastomeric coatings, ensuring proper adhesion and durability.

The walls and floors of the tank are coated with cold fluid applied elastomeric polyurethane lining, each with a minimum thickness of 60 mils. This high-quality lining adheres to the manufacturer’s specifications and provides a robust barrier against potential leaks or degradation. The elastomeric nature of the coating allows for flexibility, accommodating any movements the tank might undergo without compromising the integrity of the lining.


Once the coating process is complete, it’s crucial to remove any debris and thoroughly clean the work area. Proper cleanup helps prevent contamination and ensures the site is safe for further activities. Overall, this comprehensive maintenance process safeguards the water storage tank, enhances its longevity, and maintains the quality of the stored water, contributing to the overall health and safety of the community that relies on it.

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