pump house

the new big red fire pump house

our pre- assembled fire pump house

Fire Pumps R US has two fully equipped pump houses ready to work inside a 40 feet shipping container that will deliver up to 4000 gallon per minutes with its 2 UL and FM listed fire pumps. We have two fire pumps houses and each contains a diesel powered unit, and the other is electric powered. The electric pump has its own generator to supply power, while the diesel pump operates on a 300-gallon tank that can keep it running for 24 hours.

The containers can easily be shipped across the continental US, Canada, and Mexico, and can also be shipped worldwide by container ship. The Big Red Pump is furnished with air conditioning and heating, as well as an on-board jokey pump and flow meter that are plumbed into the fire sprinkler system. The walls and ceiling are insulated to safeguard the contents, and the containers are non-combustible, weatherproof and capable of withstanding hurricane conditions, and constructed per NFPA-20. Furthermore, the container has an on-board fire alarm system to provide additional security.


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